Professional parent(s)

7 thoughts on “Professional parent(s)”

  1. Being a parent is a crock of shit at times. We all struggle. I can’t really do or say much except if you ever want somebody to rant to and to listen to you you know where to find me., I do have certain professional listening skills ……which extends to reading skills if I get a long ranty email or pm. Sometimes just getting it off your chest is all you need to do.

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  2. And you know that I too am always on the end of a PM or an email. Like Sally, I may struggle to find an answer, but my reading eyes and my listening ears still work reasonably well. Oh, and that applies to K too if there’s stuff she needs to offload, but not to you.

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  3. You capture the relentlessness , the nil respite ( which any other carer would almost certainly be able to access ) and the burden of guilt at trying but being almost certain you are not succeeding whilst seeing no other option…my heart goes out to you and my similar experience tells me to say: you are doing an amazing thing everyday and frankly given everything I have now read about the evidenced basis for much that is dubbed professional or even chemical help and experienced as a partner with my daughter at the hands of GP and CAMHS … I would have to say you are the expert and you do need a team around you … How can we change this – for the better – together?

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    1. I don’t have the answers, wish I did. Early intervention, proactive help, and support for parents who aren’t service users like I am would be my starting point. But with all the cuts going on, none of that seems likely


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