Facebook woes

6 thoughts on “Facebook woes”

  1. I guess because you can’t con other people with a fake ID via the DWP, banks, HMRC etc. I guess they a lot of bad press when these sorts of things happen so they have to be careful….BUT if they have already checked your ID then they need a process in place to flag the account to show they HAVE checked the identity. Hope you get your account back soon

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  2. With Facebook it’s usually because someone has reported you. If someone says your name is fake they will check it out, otherwise unless it’s obviously fake, like, mrs bumblebeepants they wont catch it. So I imagine it’s someone on your friends list, or someone who saw your profile, say you commented on huffpost for instance.
    I know this for a fact, because my friend has just had exactly the same issue. They told her when she complained further that someone had reported her profile for having a fake name, and that’s the number one reason why they investigate.

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