When you die

5 thoughts on “When you die”

  1. it does seem like cosmic and evolutionary overkill on a mega scale, if after all that preparation and all those years of dependency for new human beings all that happens in the end is that you get snuffed out. Period!
    Read something this morning which appealed to me; what if the light at the end of the tunnel was actually another fully dilated cervix?

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    1. I’ve got Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything on Audible, and he mentions what if this is just one of a series of expanding and contracting universes. Altho if there’s a place with dinosaurs, I might change my stance on the next life


      1. Expanding and contracting! Sounds like labour. Perhaps all the real born-again Christians are those who died. I have wondered from time to time what babies think as the womb begins the process of expelling them – we now know that they have mental functioning before birth.

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  2. i have my own views on this.. but i won’t bore you with them

    bit mannic at the moment too so not in the best place to handle a sensitive subject

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