The impact of my mental health

4 thoughts on “The impact of my mental health”

  1. Shit happens and sometimes we are the agent of that shit; sometimes it’s the shit we had to endure that impairs our ability to handle things. What can we do about that? In the end we have to acknowledge that whilst there may be ongoing consequences, we cannot change the past, so who, if anyone, is to blame is irrelevant. We have to move on (that’s actually called life) and do the best we can in the future. You have got help for K, so as well as her mum, there’s someone with the skills she needs right now.

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  2. I was told the same. ‘It is consequences not of our own making. It’s how it is.’ Those words did not change how I felt or still feel about myself. Blame still sits on my shoulder.

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  3. It is not your fault. Yes, she has been through a lot but it is not your fault. You have tried your best to protect her from the true impact of it all. And now that she is going through a period with these issues, you are fighting tooth and nail to get her the help and support she needs. If that isn’t good parenting I don’t know what is

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