One thought on “Dreams”

  1. My take on dreams is that as we go through a day everything we experience or do is parked in a pending tray. Then when we are asleep a deeper part of the mind goes through the tray sorting the contents – bin, file, put on desk for action soon, hold for further information, etc. all of these items are taken out in a pretty random order, but another part of the mind likes clarity and order, so it weaves the random bits into a coherent but weird narrative – a dream.
    However, just as in a real office, there’s stuff in the pending tray which you’re not happy to receive, so what do you do? Stick it back in the tray, right down at the bottom of the pile and hope it goes away. Of course, it can’t go away, so one day it’s going to come to the top. If you still don’t want to deal with it, back at the bottom of the stack it goes. The day will come though when you have the time and the resources to take it out and deal with it; that’s called therapy.
    The unconscious/subconscious is simply that part of your mind where the bottom of the stack is to be found.

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