9 thoughts on “Reclusiveness ”

  1. Platitude: A goal is a dream with a timetable. Clearly for the foreseeable future you have responsibilities that you wouldn’t want to ditch, but a planning book that you can jot down notes in a) helps to give substance to the dream and b) is a source of comfort you can sit and discuss when things feel bleak. Broadly that’s how I come to be living in Spain. 😎👍

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  2. Me and A reckon a treehouse commune in Scotland is the way forward. Only other mentals and generally sensible people get to live there, and treehouses are appropriately spaced with retractable ladders so you can keep everyone out if you want. Have given this way too much thought!

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  3. We have been living off grid for almost 5 years now. We are 20 minutes from a decent size town with all the amenities we need to buy. We buy our meat from the grocery store, but are debating raising lamb in the next few years. We have gone a few weeks without leaving the property during the summers and the snowy winters. We have Internet just fine. So, off grid can be just outside city limits. And yes, your dream can be a reality because it was our dream 10 years ago.

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