A glimmer of positivity

5 thoughts on “A glimmer of positivity”

  1. Super proud of you. It took a lot to write that letter, bring it to her, stay there while she read it, and dialogue with her afterwards. But it sounds like it really paid off and that is because of your efforts. It is so important to assert our needs and ask for what we need. I think doing that, and also bringing up the past issue of feeling as though there were conditions on your treatment (which is terrible, btw) is also a hugely important thing to have shared. Great job!

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  2. Well done for staying, Jen. I’m in the same situation with my own therapy at the moment; they want long-term, I want today and I’m terrified of being non-compliant and discharged.

    I’m glad you made yourself understood, and hope things start to go the way you want them to now.


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