A face with no name and a name with no face

9 thoughts on “A face with no name and a name with no face”

  1. Not being able to put a name to a face is pretty common among Brits because we tend not to use them much, unlike Americanswho use them all the time as in “Jennifer, how nice to see you. Tell me Jennifer, how does your illness affect you?……. Well that’s really interesting, Jennifer”. They would never, ever call you Jen because that wouldn’t be polite.
    I once successfully got through an entire Market Research Society Christmas lunch without being able to rememcer the name of the guy sitting next to me, even though for three years I’d worked with him on a daily basis.

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  2. this is interesting and I wonder if it’s a result of a closedown somewhere along the line, or if it’s always been like that for you.
    I also have difficulties with it, out of context. As a teacher, I can learn the names of 30 students within the first lesson we meet. Impressive? They think it is and it certainly helps with classroom control. But, see most of them out in the corridor, or anywhere other than the original context and I don’t recognise them at all. The same goes for people I have met socially who, understandably think I’m rude when I don’t acknowledge them. If I am in regular contact with people/students, some of them do stick – not always for the right reasons, of course, and it’s certainly by no means all.

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    1. I’ve always been bad with names, but didn’t realise until now that I can’t picture people I know well. When I worked in a primary school the new intake was my worst nightmare – all those kids and not one of them lodged in my memory lol

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