6 thoughts on “Forgetting”

  1. Good morning Jen… Your posts are so filled with truths… of reality that has led us all into the darkness at times of our lives. There is so much that you write about that I feel so deeply in my heart, yet have been unable to express as beautifully as you have. When you find the time, if you haven’t already done so, please check out my latest post
    I know that you can read between the lines and find the truth that lingers there. It seems that both of us struggle with “hiding things”…
    Hope you have a most beautiful Wednesday and thank you so very much for sharing a small portion of your life with us. I am always enlightened by your light…

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  2. Even people without any mental health issues can have that problem. I cannot forget some of the bad stuff that has happened to me,,,,,,,,,and I often forget important stuff that I need to remember. And you are right it isn’t fair. But life isn’t. The most important thing to remember is that you are you….not your past, not your mental health issue,…. you are unique and special. Don’t define yourself by what you can or cannot remember….

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