Eye contact

7 thoughts on “Eye contact”

  1. When one day she gets to ‘read your eyes’ your psych will see fear, uncertainty, many things. What she *won’t* see is the evil that you are. Why not? Because it is a fiction dreated by your abuser(s), and has no existence in reality – but s

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  2. Another little item from the NLP toolbox, If you want to believe something positive, begin to practise behaving as if it’s true. (They don’t include ‘practise’, but that’s one of my hobby horses.)

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  3. I definitely understand this. I am always hyperaware of how much eye contact I’m giving in session. I can always tell when my shame is deepening, because I spend more and more time looking away from her, out the window, at my hands, etc. I agree – the eyes reveal so much. And that vulnerability can be truly terrifying.

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