Broken leg vs broken mind

6 thoughts on “Broken leg vs broken mind”

  1. I agree with you – whilst getting people help as quickly as possible so that they are not languishing alone and in pain is a great idea – mental health is so much more complex than a broken leg.

    I would liken mental health treatment more to a severe allergy – you need to treat the immediate problem, rash, swelling, pain, anaphylactic shock – but beyond that you need to discover the cause of the allergy, be aware of what triggers the allergy and learn ways to limit contact with such triggers, precautions you can take yourself.
    You also need to educate others about safety, how to deal with allergic reactions in others compassionately and appropriately what they can do to minimise the chance of further allergic reactions.

    Mental health needs a holistic approach not just emergency intervention during crisis.

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