Experts on me

9 thoughts on “Experts on me”

  1. what a great post.

    i have this problem all the time.

    people seem to think that just because they’ve known me for a while, they become an expert.

    i hate when people start shoving down my throat what worked for them and saying that it will work for me too.

    i stand by what i always say. diffrent things work for diffrent people.


    the other day i was talking to someone online called adam. i told him that i was bipolar, and he’s like.. ah, that’s great. well, i know how to handle bipolars- and i know how to handle you too. and i’m like well… wait a minit, no you don’t. all you know about me is that i’m bipolar. you don’t know to what extreme, you don’t know how it affects me, you don’t even know my situation. stop asuming

    so yeah. great post

    sorry for ranting, but it’s a topic i feel quite strongly about

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