14 thoughts on “Unraveling ”

  1. There’s a very lonely, sad little girl in there somewhere and she had a lot to cry over. It really, really hurts to let that out, but it’s an essential part of the healing process. Hopefully alot of the pressure has been released and you can feel better for it.

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  2. Ian is right, I know there are things going on. The visit to York you never made to confront someone….the event you have alluded to but not explained recently that has obviously had a profound effect on you. The out of character approach to the IHTT …….Many years ago when I was in counselling my counsellor told me there were two equally valid coping mechanisms. the one I was using which was to keep going as normally as possible. The other one was to accept its ok to fall apart sometimes….because you can put yourself back together stronger. It was true for me – and I believe it can be true for you. So don’t yourself as weak….see yourself as human xxxxxx

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  3. Falling apart, my lovely one, is not always a bad thing. It means that you can build yourself up again, it means there is something to build up in the first place!
    You do not always need to u derstand why you cry, just let it happen. It is normal, it is human, it is liberating at a times…and this comes from me who finds it really hard to cry (we are depriving ourselves from a cleansing common human experience).
    Wanting a hug is a step forward, don’t you think? It means you are starting to want something you did not before..,you are evolving!
    You are such a wonderful intelligent being…see in yourself what you let us see, a loving amazing soul!

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