Why am I doing this?

7 thoughts on “Why am I doing this?”

  1. I hope you don’t think you need to prove yourself to anyone else, you are a worthy person with or without a degree. I think you are proving to yourself (like I am) that you can do it, and if other people are impressed that is a bonus xx I set out doing my degree for self-interest and I have enjoyed the learning even though I have not enjoyed TMAs and EMAs and exams. It has led me to change my career but I am not directly using my degree which I don’t have yet, I am going for an entry level job, but used knowledge from my modules to answer questions at interview! 🙂 You will get through this Jen.

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  2. As long as it makes you happy, and your liking it, I wouldnt worry. You only need to prove things to yourself, not anyone else. Learning is fun. XX

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