Today is all about the iPhone

4 thoughts on “Today is all about the iPhone”

  1. First, has your little sister got an iPhone or an iPad, because FaceTime only works Apple to Apple.
    Second, is your tablet, laptop or desktop from Apple? I ask because Apple’s strength lies in its ability to harmonise and sync across devices, otherwise it’s basically an expensive smartphone – a very good smartphone but not a lot more.
    Having said that, if you go to the App Store you can set up an Apple i.d and access a raft of useful apps, very many of them free to download.
    Messages and FaceTime work together. Try entering in the address line of Messages and you should be able to message – safer than Face Time; you’ve enough on your plate today without the shock of seeing what the ostrich actually looks like.

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    1. Yes she has an iPad, no I don’t have anything else Apple but it was a good deal so that’s ok. I don’t understand how it all works yet, but tonight while K is away I’ll have a good play


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