The hard work is yet to come

4 thoughts on “The hard work is yet to come”

  1. Hi,

    Am really pleased you`re able to see what progress has been made while you`ve been working with your psych.

    It looks like “system” isn’t a word you`re 100% comfortable with? You don’t have to use the terms other people do, and there might be something else that comes up that feels better for you.

    Internal communication will have happened for a very long time, though maybe you`re not aware of it, yet.

    All parts are there for a reason, and the reason is survival of you [all]. The scariest are often/always very young and very scared but who can only communicate their fear by being big and frightening, in order to protect themselves, you, others internally, whatever. They probably know other parts (ie;you) are frightened of them which then becomes quite self protective for them (ie :”if I scare them away, they`ll leave me alone”).

    Internal communication is really difficult for some of us, too who are caught up in denial/fear re our multiplicity. It does make a huge and positive difference, though to be part of that communication.

    All the best with the essay.


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  2. bbbr makes a lot of sense.. As a therapist I know even the most destructive of behaviours has a protective purpose. The destructive parts of you are are trying to protect themselves….and need to find better ways to protect themselves unless they can come to understand that they don’t need protection. The start of that could be to get across to them that they are loved and accepted. I often tell people the most important relationship they have is with themselves. that you need to love yourself before you can make any life changes. . Maybe thats what your parts need…to be loved. …………Hope the assignment goes well. I know how important it is to you 🙂

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