I am not me

3 thoughts on “I am not me”

  1. It’s quite common to forget things; forget abilities. It is, I suggest, much more an occurrence than many would admit. One of the best forgetful moments I know of was a friend being asked by her husband to run upstairs and get him something. She turned to him and spoke. “We have stairs”? Momentarily she was serious. It can happen to us all the other way. I sometimes forget how to hammer a nail…. You can tell I do eventually remember just by looking at the black thumb… 😉

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  2. we have this often aswell and its very familiar. right now im fuzzy tired and spaced out a bit. It confusing for us at times, like the most basic things are become something we get clueless about. think its coconscious or atleast influence. It will pass though.

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