Putting the pieces together

7 thoughts on “Putting the pieces together”

  1. Im sure you don’t let anyone down Jen. I’m glad they were able to help you fill in the gaps of time that were lost. That’s always good when your able to know what you did, who was with you etc. I’m glad you have them in your life too. X

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  2. You’re cooperating with your team, determined to use their professional help, prepared to challenge what’s unhelpful no matter how scary that can be. That’s all your team ask of you (It’s enough, for God’s sake). There will be hiccups of course, but it’s not in your nature to let anyone down.

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  3. I’m so glad you have a good team. I wish you well with the dentist. I went last year for the first time in years. I felt drawn to one dental practice. I wrote to ask if they could work with someone who had a dental phobia due to issues from childhood abuse and also issues of dental neglect during periods of depression. I received a very supportive response. I’ve had three appointments to date and have left on ‘cloud nine’ each time, something I never thought possible, because it was such a positive and supporting experience. I wish you great dental care too. Good luck. X

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