Medication vs studying

5 thoughts on “Medication vs studying”

  1. I’ve just read this and my immediate reaction is, what a terrible dilemma. Then I thought for a moment and wondered *is* it rock and hard place, or is it wood and trees? The reason I wondered is that this is a reasoned, lucid, well-constructed piece of writing, despite the leaden state of your brain.
    Right here, right now you need the medication. If you can’t write notes, use a highlighter so you can come back to those pages when you’ve seen the psychologist. There’s no guarantee after all that you will be able to work better off the meds.
    Reread this post, see how well it hangs together and expresses what you intende. Have faith in yourself and hang in there till Thursday.

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    1. You’re right, Ian, and I think if I had the information the TMA wouldn’t be a problem. I’m not giving up just yet, I’m still attempting to read. As I’ve always been told, submitting something is better than submitting nothing. Thank you

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