Christmas with child parts

6 thoughts on “Christmas with child parts”

  1. Very inspiring Christmas eve post. Of course you deserve to enjoy Christmas. All of us readers think you do. Look at how many others you have enlightened with your posts. I know that you have certainly touched my heart many times while I’m lingering on your site reading everything I can find… and I thank you sincerely. Wishing you and yours a most beautiful Christmas…

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  2. You can chose your friends…..but your have no choice in your family!!! And I suspect we all know what it is to be driven insane by them at times. I think buying something for your child parts is wonderful Jen. It acknowledges they are there….but above all it emphasises that christmas is for them as well. I commented yesterday that your post made me want to reach out and hug your other parts. But you seem to be reaching out to them to hug them….and that is much more important. I can try to get across to them that they are loved. You saying it is much more significant. I do hope we get to find out whether your child parts enjoyed their present 🙂

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  3. Hi Jen, so proud of you! Well done. Its hard to come to terms with having parts. I know that so well. But I am sure they’ll love their present from you. The fact that it is from you will be brill I think. Merry xmas to you all. XX Carol anne

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