Coming home

We’ve been all about the house lately – a new porch, replacing a door, redecorating, and hopefully a new bathroom soon. Chaotic, but worth it. We thought at the time that this house would be one move too many, but, after so many moves and so much upheaval, it’s home now – in as much … Continue reading Coming home

Eye test time

Today I had my eyes tested for the first time in two years – that’s standard, my eyes are ok except my distance vision is shot and I have no corner of the eye vision and the floaters but they’re ok in the big scheme of things. I suspected, however, that I would need new … Continue reading Eye test time

Day 300

Today is Day 300 – the 300th day on the bounce that we have been out of the house. From being stuck at home, disjointed and too scared/anxious to do anything we are now much more unified – that’s not the right word but it’ll do – and able to do more things. Our world … Continue reading Day 300

Pandora’s Box

Pandora opens her box – it was actually a jar according to the Greek myth – out of curiosity. Once opened, death and the evils of the world escaped and by the time she closed it again all that remained inside Pandora’s Box was hope, or expectation depending on translation. We have opened our own … Continue reading Pandora’s Box