Day 365

Today is Day 365. A year of going out the house at least once every day. We didn’t mean for it to be a thing, but as each day got marked off on the calendar it just kind of happened and now here we are, on our first anniversary. Most days have involved a trip … Continue reading Day 365

Taking a shower

Today, we had a shower. Big deal, people do that every day, so what. Today, we had a shower. We didn’t have a hokey cokey shower. We didn’t worry about falling down the plug hole. We weren’t reaching for non-existent grab rails. We didn’t slip or fall. The shower curtain wasn’t attempting to attach to … Continue reading Taking a shower

A finished bathroom

Yesterday and today were taken up with the new bathroom being fitted. Well, not the whole bathroom, just switching out the bath for a much more accessible – and hopefully much safer to use – shower tray. It has been noisy, messy and disruptive but we knew it would be. With nowhere to relocate to … Continue reading A finished bathroom

Two years

It is two years since anxiety made an unwelcome reappearance in my life and put me firmly on my arse. A lot has changed since then, for all of us. So where are we now, two years on? For a start there is much less I and much more we – a massive shift for … Continue reading Two years

Old notes

Today we are going thru the last of our old notes with our psych as we attempt to find some truth in the smoke and mirrors stories we were told. Last week we hacked thru a forest of GP notes to whittle out perhaps a dozen sheets that were actually relevant. Today’s envelope is much … Continue reading Old notes