Twelve months on

A year ago we started making a series of decisions, all with unknown consequences, always hoping – but crucially never knowing – we were doing the right thing. A year ago our psych made the decision to suggest our daughter went to stay with her dad for the weekend so we could put ourselves back … Continue reading Twelve months on

Mrs New Woman

Yesterday we met Mrs New Woman for the first time – we’ll give her a proper title/pseudonym at some point, but for now she’s MNW – with our psych for an introductory appointment. We see her again, without our psych, on Tuesday. As with all new people, we sit on the fence. MNW isn’t like … Continue reading Mrs New Woman

“Fart-arsing around”

That’s what our daughter calls it, with her somewhat unique turn of phrase, when we appear to be doing lots but are actually doing very little. And we are truly fart-arsing around this evening.  Tomorrow we find out if we’re meeting our new CPN – Mrs New Woman, for the time being – this week. … Continue reading “Fart-arsing around”

Therapy and stuff

It’s been an interesting however long, and we’re not totally sure if that’s a good interesting or a bad one. It started badly, with our psych commenting last week – was it really only last week? – that we’re “looking thin” and so the much loathed food diary is back. But she’s being very good … Continue reading Therapy and stuff

Sitting on the doorstep

It’s not a bad place to sit and write a blog post, keeping an eye on the clouds and the very nearly dry laundry. Blogging is weird, sometimes there’s loads to say and at other times there’s bugger all – we’ve had a bugger all phase.  We’re still going out, still marvelling at the changing … Continue reading Sitting on the doorstep

Bathroom update 

I’ve been berated for not posting a decent photo on here of the finished bathroom so, for those of you who can’t see our Facebook or Twitter posts, here you go. Apologies for not posting it sooner, it completely slipped my mind. It’s all done, it’s ours now, regularly used, and very awesome – we … Continue reading Bathroom update¬†